Strange developments under way in Ukraine: Am I missing something?

Isn’t it strange tKPStrangeDevelopmentshat in Ukraine, a country where:

1) Government is not legitimate since it was formed by an unconstitutional majority;

2) Parliament is also not cleary legitimate;

3) The court system is not legitimate since it operates under the new “law” passed by this “parliament;”

4) The “president” is not legitimate since he is doing nothing neither with the “parliament” nor with the “government” to reestablish constitutional rule, but everything to boost their powers by violating the constitution.

That in this lawless country …

1) Key human rights activists are complaining that the “minister” of interior is not gathering the public council to listen about human rights abuses, while saying nothing about the unconstitutional nature of the whole situation;

2) Key freedom fighters are battling, as are journalists complaining about “censorship” by appealing to the very illegitimate “president” and his team;

3) Bloggers are increasingly wondering why the security service is removing posts from their blogs, but continue to call it the Security Service of Ukraine, instead of the Security Service of Ukraine’s Usurpers;

4) Businesses are complaining that the taxes are too high, but are not complaining that they are being taken for a costly ride by a well-organized clan that not too long ago, in the early 90s, was called racketeers;

5) The opposition is going to take part in the elections under the “law” adopted by the illegitimate lawmakers;

People, what are we talking about?!

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