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Resisting terrorist regime in Donetsk and fighting falsified elections in Mariupol

Serhiy Zakharov drawing his candidate ID.
Serhiy Zakharov drawing his candidate ID.

The October 26 local elections in the city of Mariupol were blocked by a local coalition of prodemocratic forces protesting against serious falsifications.

The whole city is actually controlled by the Yanukovich elites. Even the ballots were printed in the printing house controlled by the Metinvest group and the city electoral comission was placed in the building of the Illich Steel Works owned by the same Metinvest group.

Serhiy Zakharov known for his installations and graffiti satirizing pro-Russian fighters in his native Donetsk used the opportunity in Mariupol to tell the people what they can face if vote for the pro-Russian politicians or let them falsify the vote.

Here is Radio Liberty interview with Serhiy on his Mariupol experience of educating people (in Russian).

Less than 1% of Ukrainians believe Ukraine is liberating Donbas now


Liga News Agency made nice infographics of our survey on the methods Ukrainians say they want to use against the occupiers. Relative majority of 39,3% think that Donbas will be liberated when Ukraine will have tangible results in domestic reforms. 18,3% believe that Donbas will be liberated when the Donbas people itself will start resisting the occupiers “peacefully” and 11,3% think – when armed resistance will start in Donbas. Interesting is that less than 1% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine is being liberating Donbas now. More figures (in Russian) can be found in the Liga News Agency publication.

Talking to Putin makes no sense, he must be removed

Why the Crimea is blocked by the activists, not the official Kyiv? Why only Crimea, not Russia? Why the new Ukraine’s War Doctrine mentions “information war” and “special operations” against Ukraine, but no “war of Russia against Ukraine”? Why lots of Ukrainians are ready to fight the occupiers nonviolently, but there is also nothing about this way of vaging conflict in the documents and activities of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry?

More details of the survey on nonviolent resistance the Nonviolent Solutions Agency conducted in August-September 2015 in partnership with the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology and the Center of Strategic Studies.