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Ukrainians Stopped Yanukovych, Will Help Americans Stop Trump

Online service to stop dictators nonviolently is started the day Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America.  The site says it helps people unite and act jointly. The service is very simple and is basically gathering contacts of people to send them literature, updates on trainings and other resources on nonviolent resistance.

The service is started by experts of the Ukrainian Kyiv-based group Nonviolent Solutions Agency focusing on strategic campaigning trainings and consulting. The analysis and organising experience of the group comes from the succesful nonviolent Orange Revolution of 2004 in Ukraine and dozens of trainings to democracy activists the group provided in the last 12 years around the world.

“There is a great American tradition of civil resistance movements in the United States, increasingly shared by the world. American taxpayers helped Ukraine in 2004 to stop usurpation of power by Yanukovych. We are grateful for this and would like to help Americans protect their rights too. It is our support from at least a part of the Ukrainian people to the best part of the American people.” – says Dmytro Potekhin, the Nonviolent Solutions Agency founder and CEO.

“I welcome readiness of the California legislative leaders to lead the resistance to any effort that would shred the social fabric or the US Constitution and am happy that Californians overwhelmingly rejected politics fueled by resentment, bigotry, and misogyny. I was among those who did not recognise Yanukovych as the legitimate president of Ukraine and proclaimed independence from his regime so it is great that people in California are ready to resist too. I will be glad to help them.” – he added.