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Розпочато формування комісій ліквідації корумпованих судів

У зв’язку з запланованою ліквідацією корумпованої судової системи України та започаткуванням нової системи судів, почалось формування громадських комісій ліквідаційних судів.

Оскільки на момент ухвалення відповідного законодавства необхідно мати мережу громадських структур, які б попередили безкарність корупціонерів в мантіях та убезпечили нову систему правосуддя від перетікання старих корумпованих кадрів у нову систему, необхідно здійснити аудит суддівської діяльності.

Для участі в конкурсному відборі достатньо заповнити цю форму.

Resisting terrorist regime in Donetsk and fighting falsified elections in Mariupol

Serhiy Zakharov drawing his candidate ID.
Serhiy Zakharov drawing his candidate ID.

The October 26 local elections in the city of Mariupol were blocked by a local coalition of prodemocratic forces protesting against serious falsifications.

The whole city is actually controlled by the Yanukovich elites. Even the ballots were printed in the printing house controlled by the Metinvest group and the city electoral comission was placed in the building of the Illich Steel Works owned by the same Metinvest group.

Serhiy Zakharov known for his installations and graffiti satirizing pro-Russian fighters in his native Donetsk used the opportunity in Mariupol to tell the people what they can face if vote for the pro-Russian politicians or let them falsify the vote.

Here is Radio Liberty interview with Serhiy on his Mariupol experience of educating people (in Russian).

Ukrainian Struggle Explained: The Maidan Revolution, Resistance to Military Intervention and Citizens’ Organizing

euromaidanAn ICNC-moderated webinar discussion brought together four Ukrainian guests with backgrounds in academia, journalism, activism, and policy to talk about the political conflict in Ukraine. A number of false narratives have emerged that branded the Maidan Revolution as violent, driven by radicals and external powers. After the invasion of Crimea and its annexation to Russia some commentators suggested that the outcome of the referendum reflected the preferences of the majority of the Crimean population and the political change represented by the annexation of Crimea to Russia was in fact engineered peacefully, which contrasted with the supposedly violent nature of the Maidan Revolution that brought down the Yanukovych regime.

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Eastern Gangstership

UTEasternGangstershipThere are still many optimists who consider Yanukovych to be just a corrupt paranoid, who can be controlled by the oligarchy who are interested in accessing EU markets. Actually, Yanukovych is seeking violence as a way of pay back, revenge for his 2004 failure. He is using the whole state apparatus for this. He will keep talking about dialogue, but there are no democratic institutions for a dialogue in Ukraine as he usurped power back in 2010.

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Q&A: Dmytro Potekhin

KyivPostThe Orange Revolutionary and Znayu organizer talks the nuts and bolts of revolt few reported what pro-democracy activists were actually doing to set the stage for the non-stop demonstration against voting fraud that erupted in Kyiv on Nov. 22 [2004].

Dmytro Potekhin, who ran one of the million-dollar projects funded by Western donors, was available to talk in Kyiv on Feb. 22 about his non-violent civil campaign.

Having coordinating foreign donor election activities for the International Renaissance Foundation in 2002, the 28-year-old Kyiv native took stock of the campaign’s deficiencies in designing his own project, dubbed “Znayu” (“I Know”), in time for the 2004 campaign.

In addition to covering the costs of flying delegations of former U.S. Congressmen to Ukraine, the money emboldened voters and helped to smooth over a conflict between twin non-violent activist groups.

Potekhin, who studied international affairs at the Kyiv Humanitarian Institute, worked previously at the Japanese embassy as a political analyst. He left the embassy to join the Ukraine Without Kuchma (UWK) protests, which petered out after a bloody brawl in March 2001 led to the arrests of hundreds of protestors.

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