We help you to help people

There are (1) brave activists and movements you can help. There are also (2) experienced activists who have tried to face the oppressors and feel they can do it better if learn from the best experiences of other, more successful fighters, and can creatively amend and apply their tactics to develop their own local strategies.

We can help you spend your money on the campaigns done by the people from both groups of activists. In most of cases, however, we help the second type of activists. The reason is simple – people from the first group have rarely asked us or other experts on nonviolent resistance for help. Over time some of them move to the second group (thats how we got here ages ago 😉 ) and learn how not just to resist nonviolently, but also to win conflicts using nonviolent methods.

Feel free to contact Dmytro at dimopot@gmail.com, Fingerprint F8F0 3143 37DB 5F09 9A73 549D 5711 BE53 12D3 0C03.

Currently we have requests from (1) Russian activists from Russia, (2) Kyrymly (Crimean Tatars) from Ukraine and (3) Cubans from Miami. They are looking to learn from us but have no funds to cover the related expenses.